Friday, January 25, 2008

Another day, another migraine

So here I sit, I can hear the boys upstairs, they are watching TV in my bedroom and apparently fighting. As in FIGHTING! I actually hear screaming LOL.

Would it be totally wrong of me to turn off all the lights and crawl into the knee hole of my desk and pretend I am not here anymore when they come to list each other's evil deeds?

Seriously if they don't go back to school soon I worry about physical damage.

On a darker note... it seems like there is so much REAL evil in the world these days.

Hearing about the Petit murders made me physically ill. My mind boggles at the kind of monster it would take to think up something so horrific. I am so sad for that poor family. I can't think about it or I feel as if I am going to throw up. My heart rips apart thinking of those poor little girls and how their lives, that should have been so happy were ended in such a violent, horrific manner. My prayers are with everyone who knew and loved the Petit family.

I read another story yesterday about a woman who went to the hospital with "Bad cramps and heavy bleeding" but denied having been pregnant, even after the doctors found a placenta and part of an umbilical chord. Police searching the house found the remains of four babies on the property. Four precious souls who will never take a breath, who will never know love, or joy, or hope. Lives taken before they were fully realized. So many many women would give everything they have or will ever have, just to have a child and monsters like this women callously dispose of innocent lives.

Helicopter crashes that end in the loss of four lives all because some other idiot decided to break the law and take police on a dangerous high speed chase.

So many tragic and unnecessary deaths!

And Matt Roloff.... SHAME ON YOU! I am disgusted that you have a DUI. I know this happened a couple of months ago, but I just learned of it today. You may think you are just an ordinary man, but you aren't. The day you signed on for a TV show and opened your life to other people you accepted a responsibility to be a better person. I am disappointed that my children admire you and think you are so cool. How do I explain to them that you are nothing special, just another idiot who can't be an adult and make responsible decisions. You are setting at bad example for MY children! And I am NOT happy about it!

Maybe it is a good thing I am going out of town this weekend. The news lately has me so discouraged and worrying about the kind of world that I have brought my children into.

I am going to take my children camping, let them spend some time being crazy and running around with their cousins and get away from all this depressing, discouraging, and disheartening news.