Friday, January 25, 2008

Foo Fighter

Our little bunny Foo was attacked by a dog yesterday.

Poor little thing, she was so terrified.

The big nasty dog managed to get her pinned in her hutch where she couldn't get away from him. The dog nipped the end of her ear off, and she lost a toe. We originally thought she had lost two toes, but she only lost one toe, and a toenail.

She has little patches where the dog pulled her fur out and she looks a little worse for wear but all in all, she is going to be ok. We are very glad.

As for the dog, I managed to get him contained in my garage, called the police and they came to get him.

They took him to the animal shelter where the owners will be given a citation for the attack when they come to pick him up. They will also be responsible for all of our vet bills, but from past experience I am not holding my breath on ever seeing any money from them. I am just glad Foo is ok.

What scares me the most is that the owners will go pick up their dog, then he will get out again and come back to finish her off.