Friday, January 25, 2008

Hip Hip Horay, it's my favorite day today!

Glory Be, my favorite day of all is finally here. I am ecstatic!

Today, for the first time in months, I will be able to...

Shower without little heads popping in

Pee without holding a conversation

Go all day without hearing "I'm bored, what am I gonna do?"

Go all day with no screaming

Go all day with no tattling

Be able to eat what I, myself, want to eat for lunch

Not have to break up a single argument

Not have to say 35 million times "We don't throw things in the house"

Not have to say "If you are going to rough house, go outside"

Not have to worry about who is riding their bike in the street when they know better

Not have to check outside every two minutes to count heads.

On the flip side there won't be one single kiss, one single hug, one single "Mommy, I love you", one single "Mommy, can you play with me".

Not a single sticky peanut butter finger, not a single slobery smooch, no cuddles on the couch watching Drake and Josh.

Dang, they have only been gone ten minutes and already, I miss the little stinkers.

What am I going to do with myself all day?