Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm a closet super star!

I haven't done a life writing prompt in ages, and since absolutely nothing happened today that is exciting enough to write about (Hmmm lets see, Dorris Day movie, then watched Ever After on HBO, then I read my book for a while, they I did an online quilt shop hop for a while, then homework with the boys.... yeah, nothing exciting LOL)

So... I will do a life writing prompt. I know, I know, you are excited, I can tell!

#328 What do you sing in the shower.

I always wanted to be a singer, and even at my age like to pretend that I am. Sad thing is, I am really not a fantastic singer. I am not tone deaf, I can hit the notes, but lets just put it this way, no one is begging me to sing solos in the church choir. I used to sing in the church choir (we don't have one here) and I loved it, in fact I was even the director for a while, talk about doing something you aren't qualified for! Anyway, there was this girl, I can't even remember her name now, really young, high school student, and she had one of those voices, you know what I mean, the ones that when they sing you get tears in your eyes, you can't control it, they just appear there. The hair on your arms stands up, you get chills. I always wanted to have one of those voices, but I don't. I do however have a "great" voice in the shower when I am the only one home.

Funny thing is, for some reason I lean toward religious music in the shower. Do I feel closer to God when I am wet and naked and answering little boy queries through the door? Not sure, but I gravitate towards religious.

Some of my faves

Ave Maria (And I'm a Mormon, go figure) But hey, you just can't argue with stunningly beautiful music, no matter what your religion, right?

How Great Thou Art- It's the only time I can ever sing it, if I sing it in church I cry, because then I start to think of my mom, and how if she was sitting next to me, she would be crying and that is all it takes for the tears to start and my throat to close off. We sang How Great Thou Art at my Grandpa's funeral (Mom's dad, died of colon cancer) and my Uncle Kevin's funeral (Mom's little brother, killed in a car accident by a drunk/high driver).

I also love Disney songs. A whole new world, We're your friends, Part of your world, they're all good. In fact, I was shopping for my MIL for Christmas and found a Karaoke CD of Disney songs, I just HAD to buy it. I pulled a B maneuver and said "Look honey, you bought this for me for Christmas". He was annoyed.... now maybe he knows how I feel since he is constantly doing that to me LOL.

Hmmm wonder where my Karaoke machine is, I feel a rock concert comin' on