Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Doll Show

My uncle brought my grandma down today for the first time since my grandpa passed away.

The last time she was here she went home without her sweetheart. I am sure he has a lot of sad thoughts running through her mind tonight, a lot of doubts.

She seemed to be probing for affirmation, going over the decisions she made regarding Grandpa's medical care needing someong to say "Yes, you made the right choices." Poor Grandma, it breaks my heart to see her doubting herself. I know she made choices that were terribly hard for her, but I also know she made the choices he would have wanted her to make. I hope she can come to accept that and not live the rest of her life with regrets and doubts.

The reason she came to down was for the Doll Show. We have been going for about ten years now, she comes down, we go to lunch and to the doll show where she spends all of her time looking for shoes and wigs (same things every year LOL) and every year she goes home disappointed.

She did find some shoes this year but not the ones she was hoping to find. She found some fancy trim for a dress she is sewing and my mom bought her a sweet little doll on a rocking horse.

This year was really neat. It seems that antique dolls are the "IT" thing in doll world right now. There was booth after booth of these amazing antique dolls. I bought a head. My mom and grandma both think I am nuts, but I think she's beautiful. I put her up on my shelf above my sewing machine. I love her cracked and chipped paint, she is made out of tin I believe. When I look at her I wonder about her past life. Who owned her, who loved her? Was she cherished and carried everywhere in the chubbly little arms of a little girl, tucked lovingly beneath the blankets at night so she wouldn't get cold. Or did she sit on a shelf, to be looked at and not touched.

I hope she was loved. I hope there is 100 year old slobber on her cheeks from some sweet little girl who gave her kisses and cuddled with her in her sleep.

There was only one booth for reborn babies. The lady was very nice, she talked to me about techniques, baking, and paint suppliers. I was hoping to find some paints or tools at the show, but no such luck. There were no suppliers there this year, everyone was just selling completed dolls or antiques at astronomical prices.

Oh, I also went to the thrift store today, don't know why I bother to go on saturday, there is never anything there because there are too dang many people, but I did get some fun sheets. The one in the middle is my fave.


Liz said...

Those are great sheets. What have you got in mind for them?

Shanae said...

So, what are you going to do with all these sheets? I really like those daisy ones.
Someday, I hope to go to the doll show with you, just to say I've gone LOL

Jeanette said...

Quilt backs, scraps for pieced blocks, you name it LOL