Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm too old for this crap!

Our first grade program is next week. Meanwhile we have been combining with the other four first grade classes for singing practice. We are running through the whole program start to finish once a day.

I AM STIFFER THAN STIFF! One of the songs we are doing is the Chicken Dance. The stupid song repeats like...3 million times, so 3 million times I am shaking my butt in a squat trying to convince my first graders that this is actually fun and man, my thighs are killing me, it's apparently a good workout though =0P

I wish I could post a video on here of them doing the chicken dance, it is so dang cute and it cracks me up. And I have one boy in my class who absolutely REFUSES to do the chicken dance. He will sing the other songs but will not do any of the actions, he just stands there looking bored out of his mind. Poor kid, I wonder if he really does hate it that bad.

The whole thing just makes me feel old and somewhat demented because I actually really enjoy the chicken dance. I don't think I would find it quite so fun though without 23 little tiny hineys shaking along.

Oh, here is a picture of my baby afghan (was supposed to be doll sized but it turned out bigger than planned) that I promised the other day. I like how it turned out but it isn't really what I was wanting, so I may have to make another one. Maybe I will give this one to my neighbor across the street who just found out she is having a little girl.

I haven't been to the thrift store in ages, I am going through withdrawl =0( But when school is in, I just don't have time. I hate that someone else is out there gettin' all the good stuff *sigh*