Monday, January 12, 2009

It's just not fair!

So last Tuesday K told me his tummy hurt. I said Ok, but you need to get ready for school. He gave me an indignant look, plunked his hands on his hips and said "But PF gets to stay home when HE has a tummy ache" and I knew right then that I was being played, and I wasn't going to fall for it.

I made him get ready and go to school and he was mad at me.

Then he came home that afternoon and promptly vomited. I felt really bad, I am definitely a shoe in for "Worst Mommy of the Year" *Sigh*.

So Thursday I kept him home from school because of the 24 hours after vomiting rule. He felt kinda cruddy in the morning so we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. By lunchtime he was feeling better and spent the rest of the day asking me every 2.3 seconds when the boys were going to be home from school and in between each inquiry felt the need to repeat "I'm bored" over and over. I was so glad to send him off to school the next day, however....

He gave his crud to me. I felt sick all day Friday....Saturday....Sunday....and now today is Monday and I still feel cruddy and sadly, so does PK, so I am home with another sick kid today.

My complaint is...Why is my child sick for one day, then he's all better, but he gives it to me and I still feel like roadkill four days later?


Super Sly said...

Kids are carrier monkeys...