Monday, April 20, 2009

Wax Museum

For K's book report this term they did a wax museum. What this means is that he had to choose a "Person" to do his book report on, then he had to have all the pertinent information displayed on his poster board and he had to dress like the character he was doing his report on.

We kind of goofed and did it on Orville and Wilbur Wright. It was a real dilema for him, did he want to be the brother with the mustache, or the brother with the cool hat?

Ultimately he chose the hat, because it's SOOOO much easier for mom to make him a hat than it would be to cut a mustache out of felt and tape it to his lip *eyeroll*. I ended up gluing two paper plates together (Because we are cheap and buy the really flimsy kind) and then cut the center out and glued a paper bowl inside, then a paint job and TADAAAA! Genuine, artificial bowler hat!

I thought he made a mighty dashing Wilbur Wright, don't you agree?

While I was standing outside the boys bathroom waiting for him to bring his suit out to me so that I could hang it up, I spent a little time checking out their class bulletin board. They had made a quilt out of poems and it wasn't hard to find K's poem at all! I totally cracked up when I read this. Apparently my dad is a polite, but bossy, sleepy head =0P


DottieLou said...

that is so funny

Candice said...

Funny boy! Jake had to do the wax museum last year. gotta love parent homework! ;)