Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beginnings of Liberty

You know that feeling... the feeling you get when you see something and out of no-where you hear bells ringing and angels singing?

Well... On the shop hop last week I had just such an event occur. I walked into American Quilting in Orem and there, hanging in a little corner of the classroom area was this quilt. I was instantly smitten, I HAD to make it!

I asked the lady stamping shop hop passports where I could find the pattern and to my horror she said "It hasn't been published yet." I was heartbroken, how could this be?

She then said that it was a pattern written by someone at the store and that they had done it as a block of the month and I might want to check with the blond lady in the long sleeved white shirt to see if there were any kits left. As she was telling me this, the lady standing just behind me turned and walked away. Had I known what she was going to do next, I would have tripped her. Well ok, I wouldn't have, but I would have beat her to the lady with the white sleeves.

So I finish up my short coversation and head off in search of the white sleeved angel who creates beautiful things and pass by the woman who, moments before, had been standing just behind me. I said "Oh, you got a kit too?" and she said "Yeah, I got the last one". OH MY GOSH!!! I wanted to KILL HER!

This woman had stood and listened to me rhapsodize about my love for this quilt, then she STOLE IT FROM ME! There is no other way to say it, and I hope she knows she gets angel's black marks for that sort of treachery! How does she sleep at night???

Anyway... I went and found the white sleeved lady, just in case, and she said she was pretty sure she had given out the last one. I wanted to vomit I was that upset over not getting the kit for this quilt.

Then once again angels sang as I heard her say "Oh wait, one lady never came to class, I may still have her kit in the back room..." and off she went to search.

I could have kissed her when she brought out a kit and placed it lovingly in my eagerly waiting arms. I agonized over the money, it was $118, which for a kit isn't bad AT ALL, but remember me? I'm notoriously cheap. I even called B so that I could feel that much more guilt over my flamboyant spending and he said "Just BUY THE QUILT because if you don't, I'm going to have to listen to you whine for the next ten years." His support is overwhelming don't you think? Love you babe =0P

So I bought the kit, and today it began. I made the first block, called "Road to the White House". My only complaint is that those two blue half square triangle corners are a little off, but I am not unpicking it until tomorrow. My eye is swelling by the moment and I am headed for bed.

But I would like to thank Cindy, who never showed up for class, the angel with the long sleeved white shirt for making all my dreams come true, and my sweetheart B who despite his sarcastic remarks really does love me and is very supportive of my overly expensive hobbies.

PS, if you hear angels singing when you look at this quilt too, keep an eye on Under the Garden Moon for the pattern which will be out soon.

PPS If you are ever in Orem, Utah check out American Quilting, they are faaaaaaaaaabulous and just what you would expect a quilt store to be. Beautiful samples, helpful and fun ladies, wonderful fabric selection. You won't be sorry!

Update- I now believe that the name of the blonde angel in the long white sleeves with beautiful things in her brain is named Amy McClellan.


Kim said...

Jeanette, that is the best story and that was sooo mean of the lady standing behind you. This quilt is definitely one of my favorites of all the BOM's she's made.

I've done all of Amy's BOM quilts and we start a new quilt this coming July. If you can get on her waiting list it's a great deal. Because you only pay the fee and then if you make each months block and bring it to class you get the next month's block free.

**MIGNONNE** said...

Hey that's the quilt shop I go to! I love it there. I am so happy that you got your kit. It is amazing and so far beyond anything I could ever do. LOL! I can't wait to see yours completed. You will post all the blocks as you go right?!? Have fun quilting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe that woman took the last one right from under you. How rude! I'm glad you were able to get a kit, it's a beautiful quilt. I personally can't sew at all, but I admire people who can.

Super Sly said...

What LUCK! Except for the eye thing...

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that person. What a BAD WORD!!!!!

Glad you got your kit. You SO deserve it!

shanna said...

I am so excited for you, have fun.

Jackie said...

What a great quilt! I'm a new quilter and I see a lot of techniques I could learn in that one! That lady really wasn't very nice was she?

Love husbands who encourage fiber habits....