Friday, November 5, 2010

My amazing and incredible Elephant quilt!

Ok, this is me feeling HORIBLY guilty! Poor Cindy is probably thinking I am so ungrateful! I wrote a post all about the incredible quilt I received in the STUD swap and I hit SAVE instead of PUBLISH! So while my blog post was there, it was never visible! I feel so bad!!!

So I am going to rave all about Cindy's quilt!

She had made a similar quilt for another swap, so when she asked me if I had any idea what I would like, I jokingly said "It's too bad you already gave that elephant quilt away, you could have just sent it to me and I would have died a happy woman." She told me that she actually hadn't sent it away, but her husband wouldn't let her part with it. However, maybe she could do something similar for me.

The Original Elephant Quilt

Then she emailed me and said she wouldn't be able to make one the same because she couldn't find the fabrics. I was totally bummed, but I knew she would still make me something great, so I wasn't worried.

She tricked me! I was so totally excited to open the package and find a little elephant similar to the other one she had made before. The fabrics were different but I love it so very very much! You really can't see all the detail in this little quilt! The elephant is sitting in a crowd of people and is spraying water (Little irridescent beads sewn on one at a time!). The circus tent is loose, you can put your fingers underneath it. The crowd of people is a fabric print that she has painstakingly cut around each person and then appliqued it on. His ear flaps and is wired so that you can pose it. His little braided tail is 3 dimensional as well...It's just amazing to see it in person!

And not only did she send me the elephant quilt, but a whole chuckload of other amaging things as well!

A spring for bag with a tiger applique (great to hold all my little sewing supplies!)
A pin Cushion with red beads sewn around the edge (With horses)
A Mug Rug (With hippos heeee!)
A little sewing kit
A box of animal crackers (my fave!)
and all the left over fabrics!!!

I don't know what happened, I got side tracked, I meant to take a picture of the fronts and backs of all of these so you could see how awesome they were on both sides and I don't know what happened to the picture of the fronts...

Anyway, I have thanked Cindy for this quilt, profusely, several times. I really want her to know how much I love my little elephant and how happy it makes me when I go down my stairs (about a million times a day) and there he sits, right about eye level, where I see him every time!


Stray Stitches said...

Darling quilt! I'm sure Cindy understands!