Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Windows at the Grand America

When I was little, the ZCMI Center downtown used to do a Christmas Window display.

Sadly the ZCMI Center is no longer there, and the tradition of going to see the windows was lost.

This year the Grand America Hotel decided to take over the tradition of the Christmas Window display. You go to the hotel and you are given a card. You go around to each window and record what each of the letters represents, then you take your card to La Bonne Vie and trade it for a little bag with cookies and an alphabet card.

I was instantly smitten with the retro feel of the cards and asked if there was a way to buy a whole set. Happily there was and I brought home this sweet set of cards that I plan to turn into a holiday garland.

Funny story about the hoity toity toilets... apparently my kids are solidly locked in their middle class world. B took them into the bathroom and PK was totally stumped, he washed his hands then said "Dad, I can't find the paper towels!" as he was standing right next to the nicely folded pile of cloth towels.

This hotel is something else. I am glad I got a chance (an excuse) to go inside and see it. It is beautiful, but I kept waiting for someone to grab my arm and escort me out becuase it was obvious that we didn't belong there.

I hope they do the windows again next year, I would definitely like to go back.


**MIGNONNE** said...

I love love love your photos. I love that you took pictures of the bathroom. That is totally something I would do. LOL! I am so sad I missed this. Everything is so beautiful. It is going on my list of things to do next year for sure. (They better do it again!)

DottieLou said...

They only do the big Lebanon Cedar Tree everyother year as not to damage it... go next year. I thought the lights were amazing. We did not make it to the Grand

Mals said...

I LOVE those cards! And your idea for a garland. If you go next Christmas you should let me know if they have such a thing again, I would love a set too!