Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coming and Going

I've been a swapping fool lately. In fact, I've almost over extended myself, but I can't help it, there are so many fabulous swaps out there and I just want to join them all! Can you blame me? Really?

Starting back in February with the STUD swap- Log Cabin theme.
My quilt for 13Insane Penguins. I wanted to follow the log cabin theme without making a log cabin quilt. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE log cabin quilts, I just didn't want her quilt to look like all the others.

And her quilt for me, which finally arrived this week. Apparently Mary wanted to break the rules a little too =0P

Next up was the first round of FLiQS, or Fab Little Quilt Swap. It's an invitation only group and I am tickled pink to have been invited. I made this quilt for Karensc0sm0s. I have had so much fun playing with Dresdens lately =0) This picture is HORRIBLE but it wouldn't stop storming long enough for me to get a picture with natural light.

And my darling quilt received from LollyDo. I think it's funny that we both made pink and orange quilts =0) I love 1930's prints and this will look so cute in the guest bedroom in our new house.
Next up was the spring mug rug swap. I made this one for MamaCJT who loves rainbow colors.
And received this "Oh my heck it's cute!" mug rug from LilyRose0.1. I LOVE the look of paper piecing, but just can't seem to wrap my brain around how to actually do it. It's like those visual acuity tests in school where they show you a shape at an odd angle and you have to pick one of several that would be that shape mirror imaged. I could never do those! So I am glad to have this little paper pieced mug rug because I love it, and now I don't have to fry my brain figuring out how to make it! =0P and in yummy Denyse Schmidt prints which I LOVE!
Well, that gets us current through April, I will be back later with more swappy updates as they go out and come in.


Mrs. JP said...

Wow,,,you've been busy