Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great Granny Mug Rug

I had so much fun making my little Great Granny Square quilt, you should try them!

I was cleaning off my sewing table at the end of a project and came across a little pile of scraps left over from my blocks and thought "Hmmm, I am sick to death of looking at my mug rug at work, maybe I should make a new one." So I did.

All made from scraps left over from my quilt. It went together really fast because everything was already cut out, and I love it =0) It's been so long since I made something for ME and now I have made a mug rug, a mini quilt, and have another mini quilt in progress. I should get booted from swaps more often LOL

Also, I turned off the word verifications on my comments form. I hate them too! As long as there is no spam I will leave them off. I know I have tried to comment on other's blogs in the past and been so frustrated with their word verifications that I end up just leaving rather than leaving a comment. So I understand. I hope it takes a good long time for the spammers to find me again.


gale said...

I hope the spammers stay away too!! I have found that I get very little spam if I set my comments to google users only. I know that does leave out a lot of people though. Love your cute mug rug. I really need to make myself one-it's almost hot tea and cocoa season.