Sunday, February 3, 2013


I have a friend (Britt) who does this every month, another friend (Becky) decided to play along and it looked kind of fun, and I figured “Hey, it might get me blogging again” so here I go.


Reading: Witches and Wizzards, book 2, The Gift- My seventh grader and I are reading them together. Or at least we were, I am mid book two and he’s finished already.


Watching: Nothing. We don’t have TV (No cable, or antennas etc) and there aren’t many good movies at Redbox these days.

Procrastinating: Packing! The thought of packing this house overwhelms me like you would not believe. I just can’t face it even though I know I am going to sincerely regret not getting a head start when moving time comes. And by some rotten streak of luck, they decided to re-carpet our school so I get to pack my house, and my office at the same time. Oh JOY!

Wanting: A vacation. Not a Bryan style vacation where it’s RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN, but a vacation where I sit on a beach chair and stare at waves and contemplate internal peace for a week.

Craving-Inner peace

Wearing: Pajama pants and a sweatshirt. Hey, it’s cold down here!

Relieved by:
My children’s school situation for next year is settled. They will not have to go to “Gangland”Jr. High, they will be going to the  brand new Jr. High with ME =0)

Stressing about: New jobs, and new houses, and moving, and the lump in my throat that may be something REALLY bad and getting it tested and finding out what it really is.

Missing: My Grandpas. I spent the day with both of my Grandma’s yesterday and I just really miss my grandpas sometimes.

Addicted to: Flow! Such a fun game, it helps me unwind.

Trying: To remember that all of these changes are GOOD changes and not something to freak out over.

about 20 clones of myself to pack my house =0P

Annoyed by: Teenage boy hormones, if they aren’t in a rage, they are sobbing. The Lord must think I have eternal patience to give me three pubescent boys at the same time!

Feeling guilty about: The banana cream pie I had for breakfast this morning, and the fact that it’s Fast Sunday *Sigh* I ‘m a stress eater, what can I say.


Tired of: Inversions and nasty air and the headaches they bring.

Thankful for: My husband, he loves me even when I get crazy and freak out about little non-essential things. He grounds me, brings me back to earth. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Enjoying: The fog, I love fog!


Looking forward to: Next year, when all of this stressful stuff will be behind me. I will have a great new job where I will get to see my kids every day, a beautiful new house that is all put together and decorated, and no more major events on the horizon.

Suffering from: apathy

Hoping: For Spring. I love snow, but I’m ready for some COLOR and to be outside for a while without freezing to death.

Going to school every morning and playing in the band with my twins.

Proud of myself for:
Making big choices and handling stressful things without having a panic attack. This month has been a doozy and not a single Xanax has been taken! My therapist would be proud (If I was still speaking to her!)



Melissa said...

Man alive it has been a long time since I have looked at your blog. Sadly enough it has been an even longer time since I have seen you. Good luck with all your happy changes. Pictures of your house look awesome! I love, love, love a cute farmhouse. I am slowing creating my own. Have a great day!

(Melissa Yeates)