Monday, June 30, 2014

And so it begins...

Do you have a "Lifetime Achievement Project"? You know, that one thing you really really want to do, but you don't see it happening...ever?

I have several.

One of them is a Double Wedding Ring quilt. It's something that seems so complicated and so far beyond my skill set. But guess what?

I've begun. It may turn out to be a total nightmare, or I may surprise myself and have something beautiful when (if) I'm finished.

I chose Lecien florals for the most part. I really want this quilt to be soft and romantic and "Make your heart flutter" lovely.

This is definitely a lifetime achievement quilt for me. Along with my Grandmother's Flower Garden that I am still plugging away at five years later *Sigh* I don't know how the pioneers did it!


Liz said...

I have one of those that I started and then packed into the closet. I need to get that out again...

Good luck. I think they are one of the most beautiful quilts around!