Friday, January 25, 2008

Feelin Funky

I think I am getting depressed. I have been in a funk this week. Just feeling mopey and listless and bored.

I can't seem to get excited about anything. Not even new craft projects.

Usually when I buy fabric or something crafty I can't wait to get home and get started. I met my sister at the Whimpole Street warehouse yesterday, bought some really cool things (only spent $7 too which is some kind of record for me) and brought the stuff home where it is sitting on my sewing table in a bag. I just can't get motivated to do anything.

I had two options for today

#1 The primary bicycle parade, kids all meet at 9:30 am to decorate their bikes, then ride them through the neighborhood. I just couldn't bring myself to be social so we stayed home and now I am feeling guilty for robbing my children of childhood experiences.

#2 My cousin is having a birthday bash for her little boy's first birthday today and I couldn't bring myself to go to that either. And I am feeling guilty because once again, my kids are missing out on something (a party and time spent with their cousins) because I can't stand the idea of leaving the house and being around people.

Tomorrow is church, I have found some excuse to not go to church for almost two months now, this has got to stop!

I know the best cure for feeling this way is to get myself out of the house, but how do I do that when leaving the house is the absolute LAST thing I want to do, and almost instills a sense of panic in me?