Friday, January 25, 2008

Lyson for Feminine Hygiene

Ummmm no blessed way am I going to be doing this.

It's amazing our grandparents survived at all, what with a war, a depression, and sloshing Lysol up their hoohas. I mean really, doesn't that BURN????? I am so glad I was born in the day and age that I was. My husband expects to help with dinner, the first time he walked in and berated me for not having dinner on the table would be the end of things.

I despise pantyhose, and I will not ever vacuum in high heels and pearls. It probably wouldn't bug me too much to wear a dress all the time but Stepford wife I am most definately NOT.

I am very blessed with the man I have. He fixes diner almost every night. He got up with the babies at night more than I ever did (except for K who was exclusively breast fed, but even then he got up, changed his diaper and brought him to me) He is still the one who gets up to take care of the kids when they need something in the night. He takes great care of me when I am sick (which is more often than not sadly).

Now if he would just mow the lawn more often...;)