Friday, January 25, 2008

I love fall, it is second only to spring on my favorite season's list. Last would have to be summer. I hate the heat. At least winter gets Christmas and the beauty of a fresh fallen blanket of snow.

Had a great day today. All the kids in my classes were so good. Not a single problem student. Oh Ooops, I lied, there was Hayden. He is so dang smart! He finishes in five minutes what takes the rest of the class 25 minutes to complete. But he gets bored and he gets sick of silent reading so he turns to tormenting all the kids sitting around him. Little twirp. He is lucky I like him because I was sorely tempted to duct tape his hands into his pockets today.

I talked to Ginny today about my concerns. I am terrified of being her long term sub. Three months... THREE MONTHS I will be teaching her class. I am so scared I am going to take these bright young minds and totally screw them up. Poor kids, they don't know what they're in for.

I need to go spend a day in her class and observe her morning routine. I would like to keep things as similar as possible for the kids.

Worked out a sitter for my kids since I have to leave for school earlier than they do.

Told K's teacher I can't do the Halloween party this year (dang, that breaks my heart NOT)

I have the book celebration next week to think about. The Theme is mystery/suspense and she wants to do it as a combination book celebration/Halloween party. And she couldn't tell me sooner than a week before? UGH Doesn't she know that I am a planner? Now I have to completely rethink my whole agenda. I was planning to have a treasure map and have them have to follow clues like "Go to the blue slide, walk 15 giant steps toward the swings then turn right and hop seven times" kinda thing, but now.... I don't know and I am all stressed out thinking about it.

In the meantime I am off to bed, just wanted to drop a quick post so you would know I didn't die, I am still around, just busy busy busy and not feeling like I have anything worth writing about lately.