Friday, January 25, 2008

If you had one week to live

So I found this list of prompts for journal writing, I decided that every so often, I would pick a number, scroll down to that number and journal about that topic.

Todays topic is If you had one week to live, you'd...

That is a hard one. If I had one week to live I would want to spend it with the people who mean the most to me. My immediate family... DH and the boys, my parents, and my sister.

When it gets right down to it, when there is no time left, everything else is secondary to the people you love most.

I would write long letters to my boys telling them everything I dearly love about them. I would spend time doing all the things with them that I always put off until tomorrow. Board games, card games, trips to the park, staying up late watching movies, and I would take a million and one pictures, and actually take pictures with me in them because my biggest fear would be that they would forget me.

I would spend less time worrying about all the stupid little things that I let consume my daily life.

I would hire a maid and a cook no sense spending my very limited time doing things I hate.

I would take time to snuggle in bed with my DH and kids in the morning instead of rushing off to start my day.

I would tell everyone who has demands on my time to take a flying leap, this time is just for my family.

I would eat things I love without a second thought to their fat or calorie content.

I would get hair extensions so that for once in my life I could have long beautiful hair.

I would go to the ocean and just watch the waves roll in.

I would be more vigilant in my prayers.

I would stop worrying about how much I weigh and how bad I look and shatter every mirror in my house.

I would write letters to my boys to be opened on their Graduation day, wedding day, day of their first child's birth. So they would know I am there with them, thinking of them, and watching over them.

I wouldn't go more than five minutes without kissing my children.

I would look forward with joy to walking through the pearly gates and running into the arms of my daughter, who can laugh and run and twirl in circles. All the things she never would have been able to do on earth.