Friday, January 25, 2008

June 26, 2007

Last weekend was so great! The "Quilt Shop Hop" I look forward to it all year long. Girls only, no kids, 15 quilt stores in three days. It doesn't get any better than this!

So, the highlight of the whole shop hop... walked into my favorite quilt store in Bountiful "Quilter's Haven" and as I am wandering around the basement checking out the sales I look up and I swear I heard angels "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" you know the sound.

There on the wal was the most incredible quilt! It was PERFECT for my house. Red, yellow, black, and green and on top of being the perfect colors the fabric contained pears and cherries. It was like this quilt was made with me in mind!

So I ask the lady at the fabric counter... "Do you have any kits for this quilt" and receive the worst possible response "No, sorry, that was last years block of the month quilt" Translation "You are out of luck Chicky!"

I was despondent to say the least but she then said "You could check at the counter upstairs and see if they have any of the block kits left." Ah, a little bright spot of hope, even if they only had a few of the blocks left I could figure out a way to make a cute little wall hanging, or a pillow or something.

So, I wander upstairs and the lady behind the counter was AWESOME! Despite how busy the store was, she took the time to go through four baskets of kits to help me find what I was looking for. And guess what? We found all but three blocks. Ok, not the best news but still pretty dang awesome, then as we are looking at the chart that shows how the blocks are laid out... we notice something. Some of the blocks are repeats, so we do a double check and yep, some months you make more than one block.

I HAVE ALL THE KITS TO MAKE THE QUILT! I am dancing around singing in joy but bracing myself for the cost. I figure most of the kits in the store are about $75 and up. And I don't even care, this quilt is so perfect I will pay whatever they ask for it. But insert the next AWESOME lady from the shop, she said I could have the kits at $2.50 a piece. The whole set came to less than $35 I was in heaven.

The only bad news is that you can no longer get the cherry fabric that they used as the border on the quilt. I was bummed about that but so happy about the kits I figured I would find something to match. Spent all day searching and nothing even came close.

Later that night I was looking at the kits and saw a familiar fabric. It was one I had purchased a year ago for a quilt I was working on, but then didn't like how it looked so I didn't use it. Maybe, just maybe I would have enough.

When I got home I ran down the stairs, hauled out the fabric and I have four yards! FOUR YARDS! I never buy that much of one fabric....ever.

This quilt was meant to be mine, I am sure of it LOL

I have made eight blocks in the last two days. One big one and seven small ones. I can't wait to have it all done and put together. Horay for pears and cherries!

And a big thank you to all the great ladies and Quilter's Haven in Bountiful, Utah!!! You guys are the best!