Friday, January 25, 2008

Kidney Stones and Prayers for Grandma

Sorry to have neglected you all for so long, it has been a rough week.

This kidney stone is kicking my butt. I never feel very good, get nauseated whenever I eat, I am drinking like a fish trying to help things along and spend half of my life in the "water closet" as a result. For the most part it doesn't hurt very much. I will get spasms of pain that last for a couple minutes and leave me feeling wiped out, but for the majority of the time, aside from feeling queasy, I feel fine, normal even. I just wish it would come out already so I can get on with my life. It has been almost two weeks since I had to go to the hospital. My friend said it took her from October to February to pass her kidney stone. I may go crazy if it takes that long!!

If you are the praying type, please put in a little word for my grandma. She had to go to the hospital saturday night because of abdominal pain. Her appendix had ruptured and we are worried about her. I wouldn't call her frail by any means, but she has had a pretty rough time with her heart and I worry about her. They did surgery and cleaned out all of the infection and removed her appendix. She seems to be recovering well and we hope she gets better without any problems and is home again soon.

Hmmm what other news? Oh, Dh has the rest of the week off, might wanna pray for me too . The man makes me crazy, he can't sit still for two minutes, he always has to be up and doing something. Right now he thinks I am napping because he thinks I took a pain killer (I didn't, I hate the way they make me feel, all wonky and out of sorts). So he is out in the garage working on the salt box houses for the kitchen. I am excited to get them done, I think they are going to look so cute up above the cabinets. I am not looking forward to the painting part though, I am not very good at tole painting and I want them to turn out nice.

My sister and her husband visited over the weekend. I love getting to spend time with my sister. Now that we are grown up and have our own families we have become much closer than we were as kids. I am sure she still often thinks of me as her annoying little sister, but she seems to put up with me a little better now LOL. Sometimes I wish we had a bigger family, more siblings, but other times I am glad it is just her and me, with no one to come in between us, or gang up on us. I watch my cousin and all her siblings and it seems like they group together and get mad at each other. These two are mad at this one, but those three are mad at the other one blah blah blah. Glad I don't have to deal with that.

Anyway... When she was here she brought her game "Ticket to Ride" I love that game! I wish we had it too. She let us borrow it for the week since they are coming back down next weekend for the 24th of July (Pioneer Day in Utah) and she can get it back then.

DH and I have been playing every night when he gets home from work. Sunday I won both games, last night we played three and he totally creamed me all three times. Looking forward to a rematch tonight, maybe I can kick his butt , I definately won't be taking allergy medicine right before we play tonight, I want a clear head this time! (At least that is my excuse for loosing by a landslide three times in a row last night LOL).