Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes I think playdates are more for the mom's than the kids.

Took my boys (well two of them anyway) over to a friends house today and I think we had more fun than the kids did.

It was so nice to sit in her kitchen, talk grown up talk, and eat yummy food (thanks for lunch T ). Then we sat down and did a little beading. I have been out of the bead loop for a while it was a little hard to hit my groove.

I was trying to make a bracelet to match the shirt I had on, but I just have such a hard time with blue. Oh well. It's done.

I am glad I went though, I think it is too easy for me to lock myself in my house. I could so easily become a hermit, I am happy here in my little cave. I am dreading the beginning of the school year, when I have to go back to work. I love the kids so much, I love working with them, I just hate having to leave my house. I am ok once I get there, but making myself go.... I dread it.