Friday, January 25, 2008

Month four of the pears and cherries quilt

This just in, month four of the pears and cherries quilt now done.

If I can continue doing one "Month" per day, I will have this quilt done in no time at all!

Bryan was supposed to go to school today so I was anticipating my last day of being home all alone all day. But alas the test for this weekend is full so he has to wait another week, so he isn't going to school today after all. Translation... most likely no quilting for me today!

I am going to try to make a pillow out of all the corners I cut off while making this block, I laid it out last night so all I have to do now is sew it together. Hopefully I can get it done before Bryan finds other plans for me.

Don't know how my leftover triangles pillow will work out, but I will let you know when I have it done.