Friday, January 25, 2008

Cutting Corners

Ya know, I getting a little tired of people thinking I am nuts

So I save the corners I cut off from my quilt blocks, but look where it gets me! I made this cute little pillow top out of the corners cut off of the month four block of the pears and cherries quilt. See how cute it is?

Now I can finally replace that blue pillow in the rocking chair that doesn't even begin to match my living room. This one will look much nicer.....that is if Bryan doesn't kill me when I tell him I need to go back to the fabric store for more of the gold print I didn't plan to make a pillow when I bought the fabric to go with the block so I didn't buy enough for a backing. It's a good thing the man loves me!

See, see why I don't throw my trimmed corners away.

I like how this turned out but some of my corners are WAY off Whoa! Oh well, what can you expect, I am new at this remember?