Friday, January 25, 2008

Pink doll square

I have just been creating up a storm this week! Maybe it's because I know it is my last week of freedom for a while, I had to hurry and get in as much sewing time as I possibly could.

Today was the last day of school for the boys, so from here on out it is a picnic in the park for lunch every day then swimming in the neighborhood pool every afternoon. I am almost dreading it. I don't think we missed more than three days of swimming all last summer and I am not sure I have the strength for it this year.

We went swimming last week and I paid the price with my heart. I have been having palpitations lately. My doctor can't figure out why (I am mentally adding up all the french fries I have eaten in my lifetime and chastising myself). My blood oxygen is also really low and my white cell count is high. My doctor figures I am battling a virus or infection of some kind and it is causing stress on my heart. And my heart is more succeptible to that kind of stress because of the damage it received when I had the twins.

Anyway, my doctor doesn't think it is anything serious, I have had to wear a monitor, and have tests done. My echo is fine, my EKG looks ok, but there are definate irregularities on the monitor. Right now we are in wait and see mode and I have been ordered to rest for the last three weeks (Which is why I am getting so much quilting done so it isn't all bad LOL)

Anyway... about this block. I liked the month four block of the pears and cherries quilt so much that I decided to use it for this fabric. I got the fabric with the little girls on it for free. I was in the quilt shop and the lady working asked if I liked the fabric, I told her it was absolutely darling and she said "Here, you can have it" They had to cut about a quarter yard off of the end of the bolt because a little girl had stood on it and it had two dirty spots on it.

The rest of the fabric I had in my stash and I threw two blocks together this afternoon. I have no idea what I will do with them, they match nothing in my house and I only had enough to make two blocks. I figure I can take all the corner scraps and make two more blocks like the ones I used to make the pillow and make it a four block wall quilt, but what on earth do I do with it? It matches nothing in my house, but I love it.

I joked with DH that maybe I will just hang it above the washer and dryer in the laundry room since the little girls are doing laundry. He just rolled his eyes since the only time I step foot in the laundry room is to toss something in the dryer to take the wrinkles out. My darling DH is the laundry guy around here.

Well, I guess it is time to go, the kids are waiting on the patio with DH, we are making smores over the firepit.

Night All.