Friday, January 25, 2008

More Weird Storms

This has been the year for weird storms and last night was no exception.

One large cloud moving across the valley, overflowing with lightning bolts. B and I were standing in the dining room bay window watching the storm move east across the valley from our lofty position on the hill and watching the incredible lightning come out of this one cloud.

About half an hour after I took this photo, just between these two houses where you can see the rain coming down, a huge lightning bolt HIT THE GROUND! It was so awesome, I have never seen lightning hit the ground before! It came down and this huge blue ball at the base of it that lasted for at least two seconds. Ok, I know two seconds doesn't sound like a long time, but it seemed like forever last night and a million and one thoughts raced through my head in that span of time ranging all the way from "What the......" to "OH MY HECK! It just hit the ground!!!"

I hope no one was hurt where it hit, but it was so cool to see!