Friday, January 25, 2008

What was your first car

Today's life writing prompt is "What was your first car"

Oh wow! I wish I had a picture of this one. I know I do somewhere but who knows where.

My first car was a 1970 something Ford LTD lovingly dubbed "The Tuna Boat".

My parents bought it for me shortly after I got my driver's license at 17 years old. It was HUGE! It was meant to be a luxury car, it had a lot of bells and whistles for it's day and age, like power windows.

My parents bought it for the safety factor, but the best part for me was that it held all of my friends.

Five good things about my car

#1 like I said, it held all my friends

#2 like floating on a cloud, you didn't feel the road beneath you, just smooth gliding

#3 it was like a tank, in any accident I would be well protected, it was made of steel, not aluminum

#4 cheap insurance

#5 Many many happy memories in that car

Five not so good things about my car

#1 YIKES on the gas mileage!

#2 only two doors so you had to get out to let people into the back seat

#3 it was a bronze color ick

#4 it was HEAVY! It died on me the day I moved out of my parents house. There I was 120 miles from home and my car died in the middle of the highway. It was so heavy it took me, three college students, and a semi truck driver to push it off the road.

#5 it was HUGE and difficult to park and did not drive well in snow at all!

I drove that car for probably four years before I finally sold it and bought a newer car. Oddly I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and chose a tiny little two seater Honda CRX. I LOVED that car! It was so much fun to drive and got great gas mileage. I paid my much inflated insurance out of the difference in gas mileage. The Honda was also really crappy in the snow and unlike the LTD, if I was in an accident in the CRX I would have been toast! Talk about a plastic car, but it was my baby. B put a huge sub woofer in the back so that I could thump thump thump while driving down the road (Which is really cool when you are young and stupid). My poor baby got broken into and my stereo stolen one night. Between my car and B's truck we had to replace three stereos in one year.

Then one day a miracle happened. We were pregnant and it was time for the little Honda to step aside and be replaced by a family car. We were not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination and we didn't want to have a car payment since I planned to quit after the twins were born, so we bought a cash car. A 1980 something Oldsmobile. I despised that car. It was ugly and generic and it broke down constantly.

We finally replaced it with a red, two door, Pontiac Grand Prix. Finally another fun, sportier car that was a joy to drive. But sadly after several years it started having problems that were costing us too much to fix, and getting three babies (since we had K 13 months after the twins) into the back seat of a two door car was just too difficult, we traded my little red love in on a "gasp" mini van.

I SWORE I would never EVER drive a mini-van. How quickly we cave to grown up responsibilities and convenience LOL The very best part about the van was that we could separate all three boys enough that they couldn't beat on each other while driving down the road. Best investment ever! And now.... there is no way I am giving that baby up! I am a mini van convert! And our little van has been good to us, with eight passenger seating we were able to go on vacation and take my mom and MIL with us and all have plenty of room and room for all of our luggage too.

The saddest part of all is that I think my extended length mini van is still shorter than my LTD was