Friday, January 25, 2008

Tell About The Places You Have Worked

Well, this one shouldn't be too hard because I haven't really worked very many places.

First job- The Sandwich Loft at the University Mall in Orem, Utah.

I got my first job when I was 16. My friends and I would go to the Sandwich Loft every time we went to the mall and get English Chips. One day when we went there was a "Now Hiring" sign by the cash register so I filled out an application and turned it in. They hired me on the spot, without even an interview.

I worked there long enough to get two paychecks (the second one after I quit). I was at work one day and Cindy called from Fred Meyer and asked if I would be willing to quit my job and come work for her (My sister and mother both worked at Fred Meyer). Well YEAH! Hello, there isn't even anything to think about there.... stinky greasy fast food, or working in the aparrell department. Nuff said.

So I quit the sandwich loft and went to work at job #2 in the Aparrell department at Fred Meyer in Orem. As soon as I was able, I trained to work in the Play Land. I love kids! Over the next nine years I worked my way up at Fred Meyer.

I moved to Salt Lake and stayed in the Play Land at the Granger store.

I moved to Logan and transfered from Play Land to cashier because there were no openings in Play Land. I was then made the Home Improvement cashier (hated that, I can't stand to be dirty).

Moved back to Salt Lake and to the Taylorsville store. Stayed in Home Improvement and became the HIC Service Desk attendant.

Finally moved up to the front end service desk and loved being out of HIC.

Promoted to head cashier- HATED IT! I would go to work at 5 am and do the store set up for all the cashiers, didn't mind that, but I hated being on the grocery side.

Promoted to front end PIC (person in charge) and hated that. I am not a managerial type, I hate being responsible for making other people do their jobs.

Promoted to the teller room where I was responsible for counting money, doing invoices, processing cashier drawers. Enjoyed that.

Left Fred Meyer for a job at Zion's Bank. I was in charge of new accounts and retirement planning. I really enjoyed my job, being responsible for myself and not anyone else. But then alas, our endless journey through infertility came to a nasty end.

I got pregnant with twins and things did not go well, I nearly died and had to leave my job at that point.

Since the twins were born I have been a stay at home mom. Which I guess you could qualify as job #4. To help with finances I did in home day care for about six years.

Job #5 I worked at home for Alpine Access, but found it to be a little misleading. They promoted themselves as very flexible and easy to work with. But while I enjoyed my job, I ended up working a LOT more than I was told I would and they were not nearly so flexible as they implied. I didn't work there for more than three months.

Job #6 I became a teacher's aid and substitute teacher. I am still subbing, I have a regular sub job every thursday. But I am not going to go on as a teacher's aid next year. I missed not being able to spend time volunteering in my boys' classrooms and working one day a week will give me just enough play money and I can pick up extra sub jobs when I need a little more.

So this was long and boring but it is one more journaling prompt ticked off my list =0)