Friday, January 25, 2008

What do you have to do for much needed silence?

Well, I haven't done a life writing prompt in a while and since I don't really have much to talk about this morning, I guess it's a good time to jump back in =0)

My question for the day is "What do you have to do for much needed silence?"

This is a hard one for me. I am not very good at tuning out the world around me and my head is often filled with so much noise that it overwhelms me. Especially when my kids are home. Who knew that three little boys could create so much nose, and most of it OBNOXIOUS noise.

When they are home there is constant noise. Crashes, yelling, arguing, running, "Car" sounds, television, radios, laughter, singing, it is never ever silent when they are here, not even when they are sleeping. Parker, even after having his tonsils removed can snore to wake the dead. Preston grinds his teeth, Karson mumbles. Nope, never silent with those three around.

It isn't even silent when they aren't here. There is so much noise going on in the background of this house. As I sit here in the supposed silence I can hear the hum of the computer, the gurgle of the fish tank, the birds quarreling in the bird house upstairs, the plinking sound of zippers hitting against the inside of the dryer as well as the hum of the dryer motor itself. The buzzing of the fluorescent light overhead. Cars going past the house, and the neighbor kids out playing on the creaky swing set next door.

I am always amazed at the noise pollution we deal with on a constant basis. You never even realize how loud our every day world is until the power goes out and everything is silent. I always stop and relish those moments. The utter silence that usually only lasts a brief instant in time, a space where the world is silent.

How do I find my own silence? I find it in a world full of noise, I go for a walk and concentrate on the sound of my own breathing. For a while it is enough. It is a respite from the demands of my home and my children. I may not truly find silence, but in walking I find a sort of inner peace, a place where I am alone with my own thoughts. After all, I am a mother, I can't even have two moments of peace in the bathroom