Friday, January 25, 2008


am so sick and tired of fighting with my children!

I understand this whole testing boundaries thing, really I do, they need to know their limits so that they can explore their world safely but OH GOOD GRIEF! Why can't I have one single day that isn't filled with juvenile drama?

K came home today with tons of homework and a nice full page letter from his teacher about how naughty he was at school today. He was talking, so she reprimanded him and he promptly used his best weapon.... tears! Ah but Mrs G wasn't born yesterday, she told him his tears didn't work on her and he needed to stop talking and do his work. At which point my little darling screamed at her that he hated her and he was going to tell his mom and then he was never coming back to school again.

She pulled his desk back by her table because he didn't seem to think she was serious about the no talking thing. At which point he put his head down and refused to work and spent the rest of the day crawling on the floor and being disruptive and causing problems.

So he came home and my oldest son tells me he was being rude to the bus driver. UMMM NOT OK! So I called him in to speak with me about the problem. Apparently he was just carrying over his emotions from his bad day at school and taking them out on the bus driver. Tomorrow I will be walking him to the bus stop, where he will be the last child on the bus (What worse punishment can there be? ) and I will stand there while he apologizes to Victor, the greatest bus driver there is!

Anyway, he gets home and is totally shocked to find out that I did not rush to his defense and promise him that no, he will never ever have to set foot in that classroom again, but I, in fact, take the teachers side and tell him he was in the wrong and his behavior is NOT acceptable.

He then spent from 4:30 to 7:30 working on the work he didn't get done in class today, and since he refused to do it, he will be working on it again tomorrow after school, and every afternoon thereafter until he is done. He will also be writing a letter of apology to his teacher and he will be taking her a gift of some kind to make up for his bad behavior.

This child is in second grade. I don't know where he gets it from but he has TOTAL youngest child syndrome. I have no idea why, because I have always just kind of viewed my three boys as being the same age and that they should all be able to do the same things, but K has this put upon attitude and the firm belief that he isn't capable of doing anything by, or for, himself.

The thing I love about Mrs. G is that she is a bit of a drill Sergeant. She isn't going to coddle him like his previous teacher (Don't get me wrong, we adored Mrs. F, but K was her little pet and she catered to him). She won't put up with his poor pitiful me act. She will make him stand on his own two feet. He may be miserable, but it will be the best thing that ever happens to him. He needs to grow up and stop expecting the world to make exceptions for him.

I am just disappointed that it is only the second week of school and already I have a note home about poor behavior. So much for hoping this year would be a better year. But at least PK isn't having major meltdowns this year and seems to really like his teacher. Here is hoping it is a MUCH better year for him!

Then there is PF. Man, I don't know what got into this kid. The best kid in the world has suddenly turned into the brat from hell. He is obstinate, and defiant, he talks back, every word that comes out of his mouth is said in a snotty tone. I don't know where my sweet, wonderful little boy went, but I hope he comes back soon. I love him but I don't really like him much these days, he makes it pretty hard to like him.

PF was so great at Lagoon. I didn't hear a snotty tone all day, he teamed up with my sister and rode every ride but one with her, he was so cute and charming and tried to make her feel included and wanted. He was my PF that day, but the next day he was right back to being this little terror that I don't recognize. I miss my sweet little boy.

I just feel like I have totally failed my boys. They all have problems, and I don't know what I am doing wrong, or how to fix it. It just hurts my heart because I want them to be happy and enjoy their lives, not be miserable and mean and cranky all the time