Friday, February 22, 2008

# 150!!! Yay, A milestone reached!

K, this is it, you have until midnight tonight to add another comment. A paper with your name will be entered for each comment left between now and the beginning of the contest. Good luck!

I am feeling like a rotten mom this morning! Poor PK has a cavity in his tooth. A BIG one, and I being the rotten mother I am, have let my own fears get in the way of making sure his needs are met.

I had some REALLY BAD experiences as a child/teen with an old dentist who didn't believe in medicating as well as he should. So my experiences were horribly painful and as a result I am absolutely terrified of the dentist! So terrified that you have to drug me into a coma and have someone else drive me when I have to go.

Because of this, I have yet to take my kids to the dentist. Yes, that's right, my kids are eight years old and I have never taken them to the dentist.

So, PK has this tooth with a cavity. And since it was a tiny bit loose I told him "Just keep wiggling it so it will fall out!" but he won't wiggle it because he says it hurts when he wiggles it, so instead it has developed an abscess and I have to go pay to have it extracted *sigh*. I think it's only $65, but still, it would have been free if he had just wiggled it LOL My poor baby, I feel so bad. I hate these moments when you look at yourself and thing "Gee, as a mom....I sucks!"

On to happier news, I got to go to the ballet last night. It was Cinderella and the two step sisters were danced by MEN! It was hillarious. The girl who danced Cinderella was amazing, she was so very graceful and her arms were like noodles, I have never seen anyone bend that way. And of course Prince Charming was a total hottie. The only bad thing was this really tall guy sat right in front of me, then leaned toward his wife the entire time, effectively blocking my view of the entire first act. But he moved over into the empty seat to the side of him after the first intermission and I got to see the rest of the ballet unimpeded.

Ok, have a great day all, have to run get into the shower because the 3,598,127,568,715,687th dentist I called could actually fit us in at 10:30. I am already sick to my stomach thinking of what my poor baby is going to have to go through =0(

I suck.


Candice said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! It's ok! :) Live and learn! You are a great mom!