Sunday, February 3, 2008

Before I Wake

Before I Wake is the most recent book I have read. It's one of those books that sucks you in and wraps little tentacles around your heart.

I like the way it was written, each chapter is written from the perspective of another character in the book so you go round and round and get all different views of the story. Very intriguing.

Very sad story, about a little girl who is hit by a truck. What happens to her? What happens to the man driving the truck? It tells their stories. Then one day the girls nurse notices her arthritis is gone. She tells her sister and asks her to come visit. The sister is miraculously cured of cancer. Is this little girl working miracles?

A man comes and claims to be a priest, there to examine this case and decide it's validity, but he isn't who he says and rather than validate the miracles occurring, he wants to destroy this family.

Meanwhile the family is trying to destroy itself without any outside help.

How does it end? Read it and find out... it is worth the time invested.