Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Tour of Fabric Buying Naughtiness

Ah dang, I left my bag of fabric from Hobby Lobby at mom's house, so no picture of that. But this is a picture of my fabric purchases over the last week. I can't believe this, it's insane. I need a 12 step program.... or maybe just a 12" block program.


I Am the Master Scrap Bagger!

Behold my bag of beauty!

Now understand that this bag is about the size of a sandwhich bag, but taller and thinner. You have to be able to close the bag. Other than that, everything that you can fit in the bag is $5. I am the master stuffer, I can get a TON of fabric in that bag!!!

All of this.... I fit in my baggie. Can you believe it. I love to look at it, look at all the possibility. It's just yummy.

The strip of pastels across the bottom was already pieced, I thought it would be great to cut it up and make a pillow out of it for my bed. Most of this is slated for my "Christmas Windows" applique quilt. I wanted a ton of greens and reds and tans. There was NO RED in that entire scrap bin. What's up with that?? I grabbed a pretty burgundy, but it will have to be for something for mom, it won't match my quilt. I figure the more variety I have in scraps, the more I have to choose from when making something right?

That's my story and I'm stickinn to it!

Oh, I also got a funky white with red oval/dot something fabric for my red and white quilt on clearance for 40% off Yay) but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oh well.

Oh forgot to say, this is from Lizzie's QuiltingPallette

Pine Needles

Pine Needles is one of my favorite stores. It's in my top five.

Let me think... in no particular order

Quilter's Haven

Quilting Cottage

Pine Needles

Material Girls

hmmm maybe I only have a top four.

I like the others. They have their own attributes, but if I had to choose to only be allowed to shop at some, these are the ones I would choose.

I may have to give Broadbents an honorable mention though because they had the teeny tiny rick rack that I have been searching for for about two years now. She said they have had it (the spool I bought off of) since the 1970's LOL

The run down...

Red dot is for my red and white quilt

Turquoise Gingham for my bright stars quilt

red and green for the living room quilt

back row....small green print for the mini quilt

Pastels for bedroom quilt (going for that shabby chic look)

little bright fat eights because they were on sale and they were so cute....what can I say LOL

Material Girls...round two

These are all from today.

More reds and greens for the living room quilt.

A cute homespun for a wall quilt with salt box houses (I love salt box houses!!!!!)

The two pink rose fat quarters, and the blue are for my bed quilt.

A cute red and blue 1930's print but I may keep it out of my quilt and use it to make hot pads. I love it.

Material Girls...round one

K, technically this fabric wasn't from today, and neither is the next set from Elaine's. Mom and I went to Elaine's last Saturday because I needed an entry form for the mini quilt contest.

We went to Material girls on Monday while my sister was here. I started collecting red and green fabrics because I want to make a throw quilt for my living room so that when I sit on the couch and read when I can't sleep at night, I can wrap up and not freeze to death, and I won't have to go down stairs for a blanket. This one will be cute enough, and match the room well enough that it can be left in the living room. Maybe folded up on the bottom shelf of the hall table.... so these are the first two fabrics for that quilt, and YAY they were 75% off.

I was hoping to get some of the fabulous pinks they had when I went back today, but they were all gone. Bummer.


Can I just say that the customer service at this shop was phenomenally POOR! I was so ticked by the time I left. If it hadn't been for the one woman who did try to help us, I am not sure I would ever go back!

There was one woman. She was probably mid 50's to early 60's and good heavens. I don't know if she thought we were beneath her or what, but I pretty much followed her around the shop for literally at least 20 minutes. NEVER ONCE did she offer to help me, including two separate times when I stood at the cutting table with bolts of fabric. She completely ignored me. I also asked her a question at one point and she was quite rude in her response then she turned her back on me to talk to another woman. If I hadn't wanted the blue floral so bad, I would have thrown it on the counter and left. Grrrrrr!

Luckily the other lady who helped us was very friendly. She almost made up for how rude the first lady was. What a witch!