Sunday, February 3, 2008

January 19, 2008

Sorry, I know I haven't been around lately.

I fell down the stairs a couple of days ago and messed up my back. I haven't been moving real well the past few days. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes then took a HOT shower and just let the water pound my back, whatever that did, it worked, because I am moving around much better today. I still have spasms every so often but at least I can bend over again.

Dad, B, and the boys went with "Uncle John" and his grandson to the auto show today. It's tradition, they go every year. I think they actually go twice a year. But then I have to listen to B go on and on and on about the cars he likes, and I have to listen to the boys give animated descriptions of all the things they saw that were "SOOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!"

The best news is, that it was Winter Open House at two of my favorite quilt stores today, so mom and I loaded into the car and took off for an afternoon of fabric shopping.

Guess what????

You are never going to guess.....

Oh come on, at least try....

Ok, you got it, I spent way to much on fabric!

I go in telling myself that I am not going to buy any fabric today.

But I do.

Every time.


One of the stores we went to had a scrap bin. I love scrap bins. They give you a bag and whatever fits in the bag you can have for $5. My mom and I are masters at packing those bags FULL! I am sure one of these days he is going to ban me from the scrap bin for abusing the system LOL but I love all the fun colors and they are so great for applique!

Oh that's another thing. I signed up for a needle turn applique class. It was $40. HOLY CRAP! And that doesn't include the pattern, the needles, the fabric, anything but the teacher. What was I thinking? But they say she is one of the best in the business and teaches you lots of neat tricks. And since I want to learn so badly, I guess I will suck it up, but I about passed out when she told me how much it was. YIKES. I hope it's worth it. I just remembered why I never take classes...I'm too cheap!

Anyway, that is where I have been. And now the boys are off track so they are home for the next three weeks. I just got, I mean, I just sent them back to school after Christmas break . Really it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so stinkin' cold outside and they could go out to play.

I have sledding, swimming, crafts planned. What am I going to do with them the rest of the time?

Pray for me.


have a great Sunday!