Sunday, February 3, 2008


This is Butters. He was one of the many houseguests we had over Christmas break.

My SIL is a rehab shelter for sugar gliders in Texas. Apparently people get them as pets, expecting them to be like a hamster. Yeah... they really aren't. So the people get disillusioned and turn them in to the ASPCA, or the pound and then they give them to people like my SIL to take care of. She has roughly 20 of them right now.

This little guy got to come with her because he had recently lost his mate, and was therefore depressed and refusing to eat. Poor little dude.

Can I just say this is one of the dang cutest things I have ever seen.

Can I also say, he STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!

I would imagine that the stench is one of the main reasons people don't keep them around for long. How can something so tiny and adorable smell like gym socks that have been worn for 20 years straight?

On top of that he eats nasty things like little fat worm things. EW!

I am glad this little stinker went home with his family, I need to buy stock in Glade!

Here is another photo of my stinky houseguest from when they let him out to play in the bathroom.