Sunday, February 3, 2008

January 04,2008

AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! Despite my absolute determination that TODAY, not tomorrow, not next week but TODAY my tree would come down.... yeah, it's still there. B just never seems to care what is on his honey do list, he always finds something else to do instead.

Why do you think that is?

So today.... we are driving down the road and I am randomly pulling goofy faces at my kids in the rear view mirror. We have a little one that hooks to the regular rear view mirror so I can keep an eye on the squids in the back. I am looking back at PF and sticking my tongue out. He sticks his out, I cross my eyes and stick a finger in my nose, he does his own goofy thing.

B looks at me and says "What are you doing?" I tell him I am making faces at PF and she gets this totally confused look on his face and says "Why?".

Lightbulb moment.... I am goofy. DH is......NOT!

I am always doing annoying things to him, like sticking my finger in his ear, or telling stupid jokes.

My recent fave is
Knock Knock

Who's there


atch who?

God bless you.

I find this absolutely hilarrious

B.... not so much

Especially when it's the 35th time I have tried to get him to go along with my little joke since we left home an hour ago.

PF is like me, he is goofy and always doing annoyingly funny things. PK is like B, he has NO patience for PF's crap. It is the source of many arguments.

Thankfully rather than argue with me about it B just rolls his eyes and looks at me like I have two heads.

You would think he would be used to me by now....