Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've been so very naughty

Oh man, I spent way too much money on fabric this week.

I went to Logan to visit my sister and her family for New Years. While there, we went to Joann's every day, we tried to go to the quilt store but dang, they were closed. I did however hit the quilt store in Brigham City on our way home.

Then today, I had to run to Bountiful and guess what? Just a mile and a half from where I had to go resides one of my very favorite quilt stores. You have heard about it before in my blog. It is Quilter's Haven. Oh man, I would so love to have that store within 10 miles of me. Not 40 minutes away *sigh* they have such yummy fabric.

Anyway, this is the fabric I bought this weekend. I also bought some delicious looking beads, and a flat, square, table top ironing board that I have been wanting forever.

Now I have to get busy and actually MAKE something with all this loveliness.