Saturday, February 23, 2008

Customer Service should be rewarded

You all know by now how I feel about poor customer service. I have HUGE issues with people who provide poor customer service.

But I am thilled to death when I encounter good customer service and since I am not one to complain and never compliment, here is my customer service compliment for the day.

My friend forwarded me a picture of a contest prize package that was posted on a Flikr account. I fell head over heels in love with one of the fabrics. It was gorgeous and since she listed the site where she won it from, I emailed the site and asked if the fabric was still available and what the name was and who made it.

It was fairly late at night, at least 9:00 pm I would say, and since it was a friday, I didn't expect a response for several days.

To my surprise she emailed me back almost instantly, told me as much as she could about the fabric and that it was brand new, hadn't been posted to her shop yet, but she would cut me some if I wanted it. Then she quoted me the price... Yowza $21.50 a yard, but it's from Europe, so I would imagine there is a lot of expense to cover.

So sadly, I didn't buy any yummy gorgeous fabric that I adore, but you HAVE to go check out her site. Oh my heck, she has such gorgeous stuff there. I want some of each and every fabric on her site.

So go check out Fabric Bliss, they have absolutely beautiful fabrics, great prices, and five star customer service!!!

Go right now.


1......2..... oh yeah, you aren't my kids =0P

Anyway, please go buy something, support this business! The good ones deserve to be successful!


Jen said...

LOL. you crack me up!! I'll check it out! I'm in the mood to make some stuff for my bedroom.... thanks!