Monday, February 25, 2008


I have a huge pile of things that are unfinished. Why do I start a new project before my previous project is finished? I blame it on my incredibly short attention span! I get bored with something, or mentally stuck, or run out of ideas and go start a new project in the hopes of kick starting my ambition.

All this does is leave me with a huge pile of unfinished projects. Here is a list, and granted these are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head LOL
*1930’s quilt
*Love knob hanger
*Live Laugh Love pillow
*Welcome Home pillow
*All Hearts Come Home For Christmas, have the cross stitch finished just can’t decide if I want a pillow, or a wall hanging, or what I want to do with it.
*Marry Engelbriet (How the heck do you spell that?) star wall hanging
* Santa appliqué wall hanging
*Halloween appliqué wall hanging
* Yo Yo pillow
* Penny Rug
*Mini Quilt
* Red flowers table topper
*Table runner for hall table
*Lucey stitchery
*Halloween yo yo garland
*Cherry Candle Mat
*Cherry Table Runner
*Crochet Baby Afaghan
*Mississippi Star Lap Quilt (Too terrified to try and quilt it myself)

See, I have this huge list, and this is probably only half of what I really have laying around waiting to be finished. My goal today is to finish at least one thing off of this list. Just so I can feel like I have accomplished something.

My life is so weighted down with sadness, guilt, and worry right now that it’s hard for me to even function. I haven’t done much the last few weeks but sit in front of my computer and bury myself in other people’s lives, it keeps me from having to face my own. But I need to snap out of it. My house needs so serious attention and so does my mental self. I need something to bring some joy to my life today and what can do that faster than sewing something?

So, off I go, I challenge each of you to finish something you started.

Have a great day!

Hope to be back later with some pictures to share, but B is off work today so you never know how much ME time I will actually get.