Saturday, February 2, 2008

Entry for October 21,2007

I don't know where the time goes, I vow to myself to write more and then time escapes me and I find it has been a week or two since I wrote last.

I have been busy making fun things for Halloween and getting started on some Christmas projects. I got the sashing sewn on to my table runner (see post below) I was going to do it in the black plaid but when I went back to get more, it was all gone. I was heart broken but it actually worked out for the best, the sashing is now in the orange polka dot with a thin sashing of a matching bright green polka dot in between. I think it looks much cuter than the black would have so it was a happy misfortune.

Mom and I went on the Holiday Shop Hop. 18 quilt stores in four days. We only made it to 12 but we aren't too disappointed, the only ones we missed were Ben Franklin's (Don't really consider them a quilt store personally), the Fabric Mill in Orem, and the Provo Cotton Shop. We went to all the little cute quilt stores and those were the ones we really wanted to see anyway.

Went to two really cute little quilt stores in Payson, they are right across the street from each other LOL and one of them, called "Stitches and Sew Forth" had a free Halloween wall hanging pattern. I fell instantly in love and spent the rest of the day looking for fun Halloween fabrics to make it with. I have all my pieces cut out and I am so excited, it's going to be adorable. I doubt there is any chance I will have it done by Halloween because there is so much blanket stitching, but I aim to try LOL, we are off track so I don't have to go back to teaching for three more weeks YAY lots of free time to quilt. So hopefully that will help in the "Getting it done" department.

In the mean time, I really really should go to bed because it is 1:04 am and I have to be up, dressed, with all three boys dressed for church by 8:30 so we can head to Logan for my cousin Holly's Mission farewell. She is going to Uruguay. She is so excited. I am happy for her and pray that she is God's mouthpiece who brings the spirit of the Lord to others, then returns home safely when her time is finished.