Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fall Decor

Aren't these adorable? I have wanted to make these for months but forced myself to wait until closer to Halloween.

There was a first draft... they turned out HORRIBLE. Seriously they look so bad I almost gave up, then I decided to try again, make them smaller, more rounded and I think they turned out great. One of them even has a bite out of it

Check out the next few pictures of this year's Halloween decor. I am still not done but this is what I have so far.

This is the table runner that I made last year. My first log cabin blocks ever. Love how they turned out but I hate trying to come up with the colors and order they are placed in. Don't see myself doing too many log cabin blocks in the future LOL

In between the log cabin blocks are little stitched pumpkin vignettes.

Little woven pumpkins on a cupcake stand on the end table.

Some fall leaves on the bird house and a little pillow with a pumpkin stitched on it hanging from the knob.

I made this one last year, barely finished it in time to hang it up.

I really should have ironed it before hanging it up this year =0P.

My two little fall pillows all finished and stuffed.