Sunday, February 3, 2008

Haaaaaaaalp, I'm falling!

Have you ever started off jogging down the stairs when in an instant it hits you “WHOA! My top half is much further down the stairs than my bottom half!”

And suddenly your hammering heart is lodged in the roof of your mouth, your upper lip breaks out in a bead of cold sweat, your ears start to ring, your toes feel numb, your arms flail wildly and your life flashes before your eyes,

Your wedding day.

The birth of your children

Spraying the neighbors barking dog dead in the face with the garden hose

Your first report card

Getting your drivers license

Your first kiss

Your first….well never mind you get the picture.

It registers to your mind that this is it, this is the end. They will find me in a broken heap at the bottom of the stairs. Eww, I hope they find me sooner than later. Will they cry? Will they mourn this fateful last day of mine for the rest of theirs? Wonder what my casket will look like. I hope they get a pink one. Oh man, I hope they bury me in Hyrum, I don’t want to be buried here. I hope they visit me though. It is kind of far from home, maybe I should just be buried here… but then B is young, he will probably remarry and then he will be buried next to HER, his stupid new wife and I will be left all alone, by myself, no grave buddy. Maybe Hyrum is better, yes, definitely, let’s go for Hyrum, then at least I will have my grandparents close by.

Then somehow your arms find purchase, you grasp the railing in one hand, the wall with the other and your descent is slowed to a manageable pace, your feet catch up, your heart settles back in your chest and you go on about your business.

Man, that was one tense 1.3 seconds