Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Have I told you that I have an awesome mom? Well, I do.

She is supportive, she is my best friend, I don't know what I would ever do without her. She jokes that she knows I am mad at her for some reason if we go a whole day without talking to each other (I'm not really mad at her though, usually just really busy for some reason that day).

Anyway, it was her birthday yesterday. I won't tell you how old she is though . I might have to go a day or two without talking to her if I did that LOL. Anyway, she is a silly woman. She has a laptop, and her cooler died, so she sits with a big heavy quilt book on her lap so her laptop won't burn her legs. That inspired me to make this lap desk for her for her birthday. I like how it turned out. Yellow is her favorite color so I wanted it to be yellow without it being too bright.

I got the wooden form at Hobby Lobby for about $8 and the scrapbook papers were on sale 5/$1.00. I just used decoupage to put stick them down and another coat over the top to make it durable. I hope she likes it. I am taking it over to give it to her tomorrow. I didn't get to see her on her birthday because she had a dinner party for a co-worker's retirement, and she spent all day today at the hospital with my grandma.

I also got her a darling little pig clock, and a nativity set (was supposed to be for Christmas but it didn't get here until about a week ago *sigh*)

My mom collects pigs, hence the clock. When I got married (12 years ago....yikes) I had some of my older cousins stay at my mom's house and do daycare for the out of towner's kids during the ceremony. While they were there, they went through my mom's house and counted all of her pigs, she had 210 at the time, I wonder how many she has now......

Anyway, Happy Birthday mom. (even though I am pretty sure you never read this blog LOL) I hope it was a good one. Don't be too mad at Dad for forgetting, he has a lot on his mind right now with Grandpa being sick. And besides, you forgot my birthday three times in the last 8 years LOL