Sunday, February 3, 2008

I have a love of shelves, always have. When I was younger (Pre-married life) I was always running to the craft store to see what new shelves they had. Apparently, despite an extended hiatus, my love for shelves has not gone away.

I stumbled across these shelves at "Roberts" AKA the local Provo Craft store. I instantly had an image in my head of what they would look like when done. I painted this one green, wanted to add a little color to the kitchen (UGH the worst part about renting is having to have white walls *sigh*). Well...DH hated the green, so I switched it to my sewing room. Love how it turned out!

Then of course I had to go back and get another one for the kitchen . Finished it today and while I don't love it as much as the green one, I do still really like it. I just hope I like it when I get it hung up and decorated. Of course if I don't... I have had about ten people offer to buy it from me LOL

This is a shelf for my kitchen wall. I will post another picture when I have it hung up and decorated.