Sunday, February 3, 2008


I'm sorry, I am not trying to ignore you...really. Just having a bit of a stressful time here right now.

B had to take time off of work for surgery. His doctor assured us he would be able to go back to work after two weeks, we were counting on this.

We found out thursday that he can't go back until December 4th. WHAT??? He doesn't have that much sick time!

So here I am, massive stress, I have no idea how we are going to pay our rent, let alone our utilities and then guess what? Christmas is next month and we won't have a paycheck until mid january. I feel like I am drowning!

Luckily I am teaching, but we have been off track for the last three weeks, my paycheck for Nov. will only be just over $400, Dec. will be about the same. Add both of them together and they don't equal one month's rent, let alone two?

What to do...what to do...

My friend clued me in to a craft fair next friday, I found out about it on friday, that gives me exactly six days to get together enough things to fill a booth. Hmmmmmmm

I have been working my BUTT OFF trying to get things done and ready for a booth. I figure it's a win win. If I sell some things, that is money towards rent, if I don't, I can bring them home and put them in my etsy shop (Not opened yet, was busy making things so I could start which is a blessing because now I have a ton of stuff half finished already).

So.... I won't be around much, I will be at school all day and sewing all night, but at the end I will have a million and one pictures of cute ;ictures of projects to share . Hopefully that will be enough to tide you over in my absence. In the mean time, I hope you are all doing well, I am off to bed.