Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Think I Need an Intervention

So my sister came from out of town today. She had to take my nephew A. to the doctor at the children's hospital for his post surgery follow up appointment. It went really well by the way, the doctor said that A. is a true success story and he couldn't be more pleased. Yay, what great news!

So anyway, when my sister comes down for these appointments we all get together. We met mom at her office and went to lunch. I went up to the hospital with sister for the appointment, then we went back and got mom from work and went shopping.

Guess what we were shopping for? Yep...fabric. I have an addiction, I need an intervention. But then if I need an intervention, so does my mom, she buys a lot more fabric than I do. And I make more stuff than she does so I guess it's not THAT bad .

I was way late getting home to get my kids from the sitter though. Almost 45 minutes and now I am on a massive guilt trip. *sigh* I hate being late, it's one of my biggest pet peeves.

So anyway... I have more fabric LOL just what I needed. I need to actually DO something with it all.

I am in the process right now of making a miniature quilt. It's for a contest and the rules are it can't be more than 24" on any side, and the blocks have to be 5" or smaller. So, genius that I am, I think "Hey, that sounds like a fun challenge" URG! I have made three blocks so far. The two pieced ones are actually ok, but what a pain it is to make something that small. The applique one however is a NIGHTMARE!!!! It is sooooo bad. I guess if I am going to learn something new, I shouldn't do it on a miniature scale. It was hard enough doing the pieced ones that small and I have lots of experience with the pieced ones. I need MUCH more practice with applique before I can expect to do something this small again. So yeah, that applique block that is half done.... it will NOT be in the quilt.

I have to have this quilt done before June 14th. Wish me luck.