Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Fabric Shopping

B had to go downtown yesterday to get a new video card for the computer. I might have mentioned, off hand of course, that there was a quilt store near the computer store.

He didn't really consider 13 blocks to be "near" but that is only a technicality, and guess what? He actually TOOK me there, and sat in the car with two of our kids for half an hour while I shopped! I took PF in with me, for some reason he has enjoyed fabric shopping with me lately.

It's kind of fun to have someone to go with, but man, yesterday he talked non-stop and kept dragging me off to see the fabric HE wanted, so I kept loosing track of where I was at in my browsing.

We also saw a demonstration for the yo-yo maker. I have been using these for quite some time now but she did have some good tips that I will be implementing next time I make a yo-yo.

I did try to make a suggestion though. She recommended cutting your fabric into 5" squares. I am WAY too cheap for that! At $9-11 a yard, that is a HUGE amount of wasted fabric! So I raised my hand and said that when I made mine I had my fabric cut into 1/8 of a yard strips and then you can just go straight up the strip and there is very little fabric waste.

She snapped at me, literally SNAPPPED at me that "HER shop doesn't cut 1/8's of a yard and she doesn't know of ANY quilt shop that does, not a decent one anyway!" I just muttered that I am fully capable of cutting my own fabric into 1/8 strips. I hope she felt stupid, because she was very rude to me. I also remembered why I never go to that quilt store. #1- HER, #2- when it isn't the quilt shop hop, they have very little to choose from, they must totally stock up for the shop hop. #3- It's way too far away, and downtown at that, I HATE going into the city, I avoid it if at all possible.

Now in an effort to be kind and even out my negativity... three reasons I love her shop. #1- they have a ton of knitting patterns, and while I don't knit (I have tried, I am knitting handicapped, I just can NOT do it) they have little things in there that make me MELT. They have the tinniest little red knitted baby shoes that make my uterus ache (or at least they would have when I HAD a uterus LOL). Not to mention all the lovely yummy little baby sweaters. They have the itty bittiest sweater hanging above the register, it is cream and has little ribbon flowers all over it. I want it.... bad. Even though there is no one around here bitty enough to wear it, or female for that matter. It's just so beautiful and tiny that I yearn for it! There is also a little knitted baby hat with a little knitted cherry on top and a pink cuff, who couldn't love that?

#2 They always have such fabulous quilt samples! I wander around their tiny shop saying "Oh, I want to make that... oh, I want to make that too... oh my heck, I have to make that!" They are probably the same samples as in 10 other shops but whoever chooses their fabric speaks to my soul. I love it all!

#3- I finally found Amy Butler fabric! Now I have to save some pennies and go back because I really want to step out of my box and try something fun and trendy, even if it will be out of style in ten years and my kids will look at it and say "OH! That is SOOOOOOO 2008!!!!" Just like I gag every time I see all the things my mother made and loved so much in the 70's. Let's just say, orange and rust, and gold and avocado should NEVER be back in style at the same time EVER again! What a dark and dreary time the early to mid 70's must have been!

Ok, on to the fabrics from my tour today. Some of these are from Joann's. Yes, I know I have sworn off Joann's I always have crappy customer service experiences there, but....but....they were having a sale. Which is kind of a moot point since I forgot to use my dang 10% off your total purchase coupon. GRRRRR The rest are all from the other quilt store that shall remain nameless! NO free advertising for rude people!

First of all this fabric, all from Joann's. I fell in love with it when I was there a couple weeks ago but didn't buy it because "What would I ever use it for?" Then today I thought "If I love it? Why not?" So I bought enough to make a lap quilt. I am thinking of giving it away to someone special. We will have to see how I feel when I get it done; I hope I can bear to part with it because I know this person would truly love it.

Misc. fabrics for Misc. projects. The bright green, Orange, and paisley were to go with another project but only the paisley matches, so the other two will be used elsewhere. The brown houndstooth I bought more of because I love houndstooth and it can be used in just about anything. The turquoise polka dot I bought to go with the fabric above but it doesn't really match (but it DOES look really cute with the houndstooth LOL)

The white on the far left and the yellow are from my stash, but I bought the rest of these today to make a table runner for my kitchen table. I didn't think I really wanted a runner there, but after having one there for Christmas I realized that I really like having a runner on my table. It's going to be very simple and basic, just stripes of various fabrics. I am hoping to work on this project today. We will see if the boys will cooperate. We stayed home from church because Parker has a toothache and doesn't feel well. Guess it is off to the dentist for him =0(

More shabby chic fabric for the bed quilt that I am terrified to start. I think I now have enough fabric for ten king size quilts, but I see these fabrics and I just can't resist them. They call to me with their soft, heart melting loveliness.

And some more Misc. Fabrics. One for my red and white quilt, another for my 1930's WIP, and the other two because I liked them. I may use the orange dot in my pink and orange quilt. I am not sure yet.

And last but not least, my pathetic attempt to make shamrock bowl filler. Since the twins were born on St. Patty's it's a big day around here and I like to decorate. The only problem with that is that most St. Patty's decor is tacky, and centered around alcohol. Not really something I want my small children to associate with their birthday KWIM?

I did buy a cute little wreath at Joann's yesterday, on sale for $4.99. But I need more. Will make another attempt at a bowl filler, hopefully that one will turn out better LOL

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amandajean said...

what beautiful fabrics! It's always fun to see what other people choose. I had some shopping time at JoAnn's myself this weekend.

Robyn said...

Those first two sets of fabric... I am in love with. So if someone breaks into your house and the only thing that's missing is a bunch of fabric... well.....

Candice said...

I love the blue and brown fabrics! I have a nursing cover up of the one with the circles! LOVE IT!!

Jen said...

oooh...I love the blues too!! It's totally my bedroom colors!