Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Grief!

Man, I have NEVER had so much trouble quilting something. My machine hated this table runner for some reason. My thread clogged twice and my dang bobbin ran out of thread grrrr. That said I am so glad to have this done! Sheesh.

I started out putting a border on it, but then decided I didn't like it so I took it back off.

This is about the first time something went wrong. I had just barely started. I should have just walked away then, but instead kept pushing along.

Finally the quilting is done. When mom gets back in town I will have her help me bind it. I guess I should break down and have her teach me how to do it, but I HATE binding, hate it. The few times I tried it I just made a big mess. And with the way this project has frustrated me so far, maybe I should wait a little longer LOL
So much for my nice, easy, simple, afternoon project. I need a valium and a hot bath now =0P

PS this is # 147


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Been a long time. I saw you post on another board with a link to your blog. I'm glad I bumped into you again!!!