Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm in love!

I made DH stop at the DI (Thrift store) on the way home from running errands today, and on the way there said "I never find the good stuff anyway". But alas, today was my lucky day! Not only did I finally find another vintage train case (I have been searching since I altered my first almost three years ago), but I found something else....

A little back story. I read this blog The Hunt For Vintage and she recently did a post about her red polka dot Fire King bowls. I was smitten and rushed off to ebay to check them out. HOLY CRAP, those babies are expensive!

Today however I stumbled across this three bowl set of amish pattern vintage pyrex and they came home with me for the whopping price of $1.50 each.

I'm in love. Even my dad was excited for me. My mom said "You need to put them up and not use them. But....but.... I WANT to use them. They are so pretty! I want them on my table full of red Jell-o! I want them on my table full of tuna casserole.

Awww man!

Now DH is going to have to put glass doors on the hutch he is going to build me, so that I see my pretty blue bowls since everyone is telling me not to use them *sigh*

DH's reaction was "Good grief, you really think you need more bowls?" What are you trying to say there dear? LOL

PS, I am even bringing my sister over to the dark side. She has the most fabulous wall oven and stove top. They are the color of these bowls. She hates them, I would kill for them! Vintage is wasted on her, I tell ya. Maybe if the entire rest of her house wasn't actual vintage, she would feel a little more appreciation LOL. But my vintage craze is growing on her and she is starting to feel the love! Yay for her!

PS this is post #148 you better comment on how much you are jealous of my beautiful bowls so that you can be entered into the drawing. The prize is something awesome, I promise! (But not my pretty bowls, sorry)


Dona said...

I love your finds. Pryrex is meant to be used.I have all of mine, my mom's, and my grandma's. If you do not use what you love ( regardless of what it's worth) why own it?? I am a firm beleiver, buy what you love, use what you love,and if something happens to it. So what, You had the joy of using it.


Jen said...

oh wow! That is definitely a fun find! I would totally use them!!

Robyn said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who drools in the dishware aisle of DI.

stampscrappy said...

Letting you know that I am jealous of your beautiful bowls LOL

Candice said...

I love the bowls! I say use them! Why have them put away for years? What good will they do? ;)