Thursday, February 7, 2008

My first MeMe

I so desperately need to blog about something happy today! I feel like I have been grieving for weeks now. I think we all started grieving when grandpa was taken to the hospital three weeks ago, I think I knew then that this was goodbye, I have been crying for three weeks now, how do I have any tears left?

I feel like I need to talk about something happy, but at the same time, I feel overwhelming guilt that I could even dare to think a happy thought when my grandpa's viewing is tomorrow night and his funeral the next day.

The school called today and asked me to sub. I thought about it briefly, going in to work and taking my mind off of my own life for a moment, but I just couldn't do it. I did accept a job for Monday though. The boys will be back to school on Monday and I am so relieved. They have been so bored at home, they can't go outside because there is so much snow and it is biter cold.

Kim called today, they are asking the oldest great grandchild from each family to sing at the funeral they asked me if PK could sing. #1 PK is a twin, he may have been born first (By a whoppin 2 minutes), but he is NOT older than PF, they are the same age! #2 The chances of PK actually standing in front of a room full of people is pretty much not EVER going to happen, the child gets stage fright in front of the mirror. So they did make an exception and said both of the twins could sing. PF wants to, PK doesn't, I am not going to force the issue. The bad news is that K REALLY wants to, but they said Nope, sorry. Poor kid, he feels like he is always being left behind by the twins. It has been almost a year now and he still cries every week when the twins go to scouts and he is stuck at home with me. I try to make it fun for him, we play games, or watch cartoons etc, but he still feels like he is missing out.

Anyway... on with my very first MeMe

YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME (grandfather/grandmother on your father's side, your favorite sweet/lolly):MarGene Twix Hmmmmmm not sure about that one LOL

YOUR FLY GIRL/GUY NAME (first initial of first name followed by "izzle", first two or three letters of your last name followed by "dizzle"): Jizzle Bridizzle...what is a "fly-girl," and when am I supposed to use this name?

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME (favorite color, favorite animal): UGH I don't really have a favorite animal. So for the sake of this excercise we will just say Pink Polar Bear. I have a special affinity with the Polar Bears at our local zoo because she had twins the same year I did. Or I could always say Pink Beluga Whale since that is my favorite thing to go see at Sea World. I could sit there all day and watch them swim, they are so graceful and beautiful, and their blubber jiggles just like mine

YOUR STAR WARS NAME (first 3 letters of your name- last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name repeated twice): Briray SilSil Wow, that's a tongue twister

SUPERHERO NAME ("The", your favorite color, the automobile you drive): The Pink Venture, or maybe the Rose Venture, The blushing Venture, (Oh yikes, I looked Pink up in the thesaurus after I ran out of synonyms for Pink and one of the words they had listed was flesh...making my superhero name "The Flesh Venture" which sounds more like a porn star than a super hero!) I think I like "The Blushing Venture" the best. It ha a certain innocent strength about it. Blushing and timid, but with the courage to venture forth. yeah, I like that.